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CAPA Activities



Arts and Crafts, Dominoes, Bingo, Music, and Entertainment
followed by Afternoon Tea, Coffee and Plenty of Cakes!

This can be part of your weekly socials - just ask your carer if you can attend, and they will be happy to bring you along to meet other clients and carers from the team!

Tailor Maid Home Care wants to improve outcomes for our clients, and we are now focusing on providing activities in our training room.

If you would like to be involved in out activities in any way, please contact us - we would warmly welcome any volunteers! Even if it is just an hour every week to support with baking, crafts, games, or art.


Thank you very much!



All happening in the Tailor Maid CAPA Café

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 Care About Physical Activity


Every move counts - Let's get moving!


You might have noticed that our staff are promoting more movement for everyone connected with the service - including staff! This is because we are encouraging people to move more often as part of the Care Inspectorate's Care about Physical Activity (CAPA) programme.

You probably know that keeping active helps us to maintain independence and have a better quality of life. You might not know that keeping active has many benefits later in life, even for the oldest and most frail.

Sometimes within hospitals, care settings, and at home, older people can get out of the habit of moving. This has negative consequences. Prolonged sitting leads to poor health such as frailty, falls, and bone health. It also results in a poorer quality of life, depression, and loneliness.

Many benefits can be achieved in later life by moving more - even by the oldest and most frail.


Families sometimes worry that it might be risky for their older relative to start moving more, and it might be better if they sit still. However, research shows that it is actually more risky to sit or lie for long periods of time.

What about falls?

Did you know that falls aren't an inevitable part of growing older? Falls can happen for many reasons. We lose strength and balance in our legs when we become less active. We can help reverse this. If we increase the number of times we stand up and sit down during the day, we start to improve our leg strength and become less likely to fall, so it's really important to keep active throughout the day.

Like everyone else, keeping moving and active brings many benefits for people diagnosed with dementia: 

  • Helps maintain independence for longer
  • Improves the ability to dress, clean and perform other daily activities
  • May improve memory, and slow down mental decline (according to recent studies)
  • Reduces the risk of falls by improving strength and balance
  • Improves confidence
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves mood


Keep moving: reach, twist, stretch, sit forward, walk and stand up.


We are taking the pledge! 





Our CAPA training night was a fabulous opportunity to get all of our staff together and share ideas on how we can Move More Often! Having issued the Move More Often leaflet and our CAPA flyer to all our clients to obtain ideas of how all clients can move more, we are taking the next step - literally!

Our staff have all taken the TMHC CAPA pledge, and we will be starting to encourage clients to join in on the "TMHC Super Seven" activities. Each member of staff have been given 7 lollipop sticks with different activities on them, and will be encouraging you or your relatives to move, reach, twist, stretch, walk, sit forward, and stand up where appropriate. Risk Assessment will be carried out prior to any activities. We will be promoting the benefits against the risks.

Our CAPA Ambassadors have created the CAPA Cafe in our training room, and will be in touch with families to see if you would like extra visits on an ad-hoc basis to join in activities each month. If you would like to participate in any activity, or support others if you have hidden talents to share, please Contact Us. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,


Sheila, Sonya, Angela, Frances, Colette, Cheryl, and Maureen


Our big focus this year is involving all clients in more physical activity. Many of our carers have attended Care Inspectorate CAPA Workshops, and have been very enthusiastic as to how we will integrate physical activity into our daily care plans. Physical activity makes a such a difference - not just planned exercise. There are simple, easy ways for the Tailor Maid team to support you to be more active in daily life. Why don't you try a new hobby, learn new skills, and take on new challenges? Our team can support you on a regular, weekly outing to the local park. If this interests you, please let us know!

We can support you with a range of activities, such as taking you to the golf driving range, shopping at Silverburn, helping you with playlist for life, sewing, crosswords or bowling! Some of our clients enjoy an outing to the cinema or getting their team to assist them to bake a cake or make a meal for their family. A trip to visit your friends can be arranged, so you don't have to worry about getting a taxi. Just ask our office team, and we can organise an activity for you.

Have a look at some of the pictures of our clients enjoying some activities in and around East Renfrewshire Reconnecting with old hobbies and becoming more in touch with family friends and enjoying the outdoors.






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