The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ………..

What a fantastic few days we had celebrating the Queens Jubilee party with many of our clients over the bank holiday. We had a big turnout of clients and carers who enjoyed an afternoon of afternoon tea, home bakes  and entertainment. We had a lovely surprise visit from children from the Nursery nearby who had spent time making crowns and exchanging jubilee pictures for goody bags.It was so nice to see the young and old celebrating together.All our clients dressed up for the occasion and looked so smart. One lady (93 ) wore her mothers tiara from her wedding day.
A couple of testimonies

“Just spoke to mum after the party..she said she had a ball.Great company,Lovely food and thank you” G Hinks 

“What lovely pictures.Dad really enjoyed the outing so hoping you will have more in the future” Lisa C 

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Capa Cafe reopened on 1st May 2022

What is Care About Physical Activity (CAPA)?


“CAPA is an improvement program led by the Care Inspectorate to help older people to move more often. From little things like encouraging older people to post their own letters or walk up the stairs instead of using the lift. It’s about staff, people experiencing care and their friends and family working together to increase health, well being and mobility. It’s about making things easier so that people can do things for themselves.”

– quote from the official CAPA webpage,

Here at Tailor Maid Home Care, we want to ensure the best physical and mental health for our clients, and part of that is ensuring that clients remain active, even in small ways. We have taken the initiative and rolled out CAPA plans to all our clients to help maintain physical well-being.

In June 2019, a team of our ladies (our new CAPA Ambassadors Sheila, Frances, Sonya, Angela and Colette) spent a fun-filled day at the CAPA Learning Event organised by the Care Inspectorate in Glasgow. The team had a very interactive and engaging day, and it provided many opportunities to connect with others who are interested in finding ways to support our clients to move more often. The ladies left with a plan of action to get all clients to move more often, and Tailor Maid are in the process of embedding this into all care packages.

The physical activities involved in CAPA don’t have to be strenuous! Often it’s small things, like standing up from sitting by yourself, bringing your dinner or tea to the table, going for small walks and more. We will assist you in finding the right activities for you, and will carry out a full risk assessment on any activities you are interested in, so let us know!

CAPA is about so much more than just physical well-being however – it helps with mental well-being too! As part of your CAPA plan, we will encourage you to participate in more social activities and to re-engage with the local community, allowing you to reconnect socially with people of a similar age. This has been shown to have a massive impact on self-confidence and mental health!

Our CAPA Ambassadors

Here at Tailor Maid, we are dedicated to promoting physical activity amongst our clients, so we have our own dedicated CAPA team! Sonya, Sheila, Frances, Colette and Angela head up CAPA learning and training within Tailor Maid, and work to ensure all carers are well informed about CAPA and include it into all care plans.


 Our CAPA Cafe

As part of our CAPA initiative, and in encouraging social activities, we have set up out own Tailor Maid CAPA Cafe in the Tailor Maid offices!We will be encouraging all clients to attend, with opportunities to partake in arts and crafts, games, music and entertainment, along with afternoon tea and plenty of cakes. These visits can either be as part of your weekly socials, or ad-hoc as additional visits, and your Support Workers will accompany you as always to meet other clients and carers from the team. Just Contact Us to find out more!

If you would like to be involved in our activities in any way, please Contact Us – we warmly welcome any volunteers! Even if it is just an hour every week to assist with baking, crafts, games or art.

CAPA During Lockdown

Lockdown has been a difficult time for everyone but rest assured Tailor Maid will always prioritise the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff. To this end, although our CAPA Café is temporarily closed, we are still engaging in CAPA activities, bringing the engagement to you. Please do not hesitate to contact the office for more information.

Completing a puzzle during lockdown!